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Relational or Not? SQL Versus NoSQL

Why should one consider a newer alternative to RDBMS, after all relational databases have been around for over 30 years? It was, and definitely is, a common choice of storage of information in a vast majority of industries. Is RDBMS always the right solution for all situations? As said by a few in some quarters, […]

Low-code Technology Gives New Hope for African Economy Transformation

The African technology sector is seeing a tremendous change in the way software applications will be developed, deployed and consumed. Low-code, rapid application development platforms are breaking down the traditional software development lifecycle spans by a dramatic eighty percent. This means businesses can go live with custom apps in days. And, this means new hope […]

Rapid Application Development Platforms slam traditional technology life-cycle span by 80%

Technology vendors are bringing to market rapid application development platforms for businesses that are looking for swift digitization initiatives that will help them harness the power of today’s in-the-palm device-based computing. This trend is driving a new wave in the way software applications will be developed, deployed and consumed in Africa. Rapid Application Development platforms are […]