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As most coffee professionals and tasters believe, the humble coffee bean tells us stories of the estates it was born in, in its brew. These stories unfold in its aroma, tone and rich taste. Our coffee narrates a fascinating life story filled with memories of the forests in the Western Ghats. The sweet, peaty soil of the region is home to the world§Ó??s only shade grown coffee plantations and part of the natural forest cover, making it rich in biodiversity. This is where we chalked a path for Humble Bean, a company of proud farmers with the singular vision - bringing our uniquely rich Indian coffee to the global forefront.

Our story is rooted in the sweet, peaty soil of the Western Ghats, home to the world§Ó??s only shade grown coffee plantations. This is where we chalked a path for Humble Bean, a company of proud farmers, with the singular vision of bringing our uniquely rich Indian coffee to the global forefront.

We are a socially responsible corporation with a two pronged goal. One is to be the go to coffee solutions provider covering the range of green and roasted Coffees.

The second prong of our vision is to spearhead the farmer§Ó??s cause. Armed with the fortune to be exposed to global coffee cultures, we have dedicated ourselves to the education of local farming communities. We empower them to grow world class produce and in turn, reap the benefit of greater monetary fruition and bask in the dignity of labour.

Partnering with similar minds, we dream of creating a world where providers like us, brands like yours and current and next generation of food growers thrive in an open market and its subsequent economic wave.

our products

Roast and ground

In our constant endeavor to bring the best out of farmers produce we have evaluated coffees from all the regions . This has helped us to standardise the coffees and eventually this led us to come out with our own Home blends . We offer these range of coffees to Corporates, Cafes, and Hotels and Businesses domestically and internationally.


Our home blends feature the finest of shade grown Robusta coffees in the world. Or you could choose from our handpicked Arabicas, curated for those who love their cappuccino & lattes.


Our single estate filter coffees lend beautiful body and from our variety of break-fast blends, ideally brewed in pour-over, French Press and drip filters.

private labels

With a talented crew of blenders, tasters and experts, we can co-create new, exclusive blends based on your specific requirements with tracebility .

raw & green coffee

Aroma, flavour, body, acidity and finish are inherent to good green coffee beans. All our produce is scrutinized for size, processing and grade to ensure that we delight roasters, caf§¤? owners and importers looking for all grades of raw coffee, across the globe. Our clients are also offered transparency and traceability from the estates that we source our coffees from.



We offer a wide range of shade grown Robustas and Arabicas of all grades from the coffee growing regions of India. These coffees pass our quality standards before being put out to offer. Potential buyers can request from certified coffees to traceability from this lot.



This product line is a premium offering and by nature, is limited in number. Humble Bean develops microlots in association with small farmers and growers. We currently market this limited produce to speciality coffee roasters and microrastery cafes both India and abroad.



Our farmer out-reach programmes have helped us develop coffees with specific certifications for organizations looking for the same. Choose from a range of produce with certificates like Organic, Fair-trade, RainForest Alliance etc.


With a focus on bringing the best shade grown coffee in the world out of our farms, we have dedicated ourselves to the education of local farming communities and empowering growers to nurture coffee under only the best practices.

Our initiatives with coffee growers and plantation owners, have helped change the way farmers look at produce. By encouraging them to embrace better techniques, follow international standards and being aware of the nitty-gritties of a fine cup, we§Ó??ve expanded plantations reserved for specialty coffee giving us accessibility to volumes, as opposed to limited batches of quality premium coffee. A change that benefits them just as much as it benefits our clientele.

Foremost, Humble Bean is a community of men of the soil. Which is why we have invested time and toil into educating small and big growers alike in the ways of the global industry. Our endeavour that I has led to the creation of a consortium, where farmers are more aware, have pride in their profession and are motivated to bring the produce of their region to the global stage.

We educate our farmers in the basics of coffee drinking: helping them identify a good cup, its tasting notes, brewing methods, good storage practices and processing. §£?

From storage of green coffee, blend creation and branding estates and the coffee for potential importers, roasters and the commoner, we help estate owners and farmers alike fetch greater price for their labour.

Our planters are given detailed reports of the coffee with specific notes on the blends their coffees go with and areas of improvement, like storing, sorting, etc at a very nominal price.


Coffee Consulting:

Humble Bean offers consulting services via Built Operate and Transfer model (BOT) to business owners, Institutions and cafe chains to set up their respective Coffee portfolio from setting up of Microroasteries and establishing their own private labels. Humble Bean's expertise lies in opening up coffee markets domestically ,internationally and eventually map the blends to the farms or the region. This way, we ensure consistency in product is maintained and farmers can avail better prices for their yield. With aim to make a open platform, and ensure that roasters, importers, and coffee businesses get to build exclusive products customised to their needs and farmers will know where their coffees are being appreciated.



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